Guides and inspires entrepreneurs to the insights needed to move their ideas forward with confidence.

Elevate your creative thinking

We are asked to move from a linear focussed, result-oriented, power dominated, technology-driven society to a more conscious, empathic, creative and equal society. And with COVID-19 taking over our lives, we are even more challenged than we have ever been. This asks for a different perspective, for vulnerability, for bravery, for experiments, for uncertainty, for innovation. We are asked to change our culture, our businesses, ourselves. We are asked to be pioneers and lead with our vision through the storm for change and to a future heyday.

HeyDay supports you to grow and elevate your creative thinking. We have been living in a society that has cut us off from our creative minds, our inner voice, our emotions, and our empathic skills. On top of that, we have learned to glorify suffering when we talk about creativity. With our new reality, we are asked to uplevel our creative thinking. HeyDay supports you to liberate and empower your creativity by offering a new way of creating processes using Creative Mentoring, Design Thinking, and Storytelling with a touch of Zen, feminine and masculine Empowerment, Growth Mindset, Brand Strategy and a brought knowledge of Art and Design.



Design Thinking is a process for creative problem-solving. HeyDay will show you how to use elements from the designer’s toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions.

You will put the focus on the people you are creating for. You’ll be able to understand their desires, what the (technical) possibilities are and you’ll have insight into the requirements for business success. You will be able to address and find innovative solutions to your challenges.

This will be the foundation for you to create innovative products, services, and projects or to bring a fresh perspective on the possibilities for your business. HeyDay provides (online) Design Thinking Mentoring.



Uncover all the needed insights to build a strong product or business. You will become grounded in the needs of your audience. Because you are bringing empathy to the people you’re creating for in an early stage, it gives you the insights needed to move your ideas forward with confidence and enable change through your design.

Design Research is a very critical step that is often ignored. To do user research in this time a challenge, but still very much possible!  It allows you to understand complex human behavior, which has changed extremely since COVID-19. Research offers you actionable insights to improve your perspective, your design, and your business.

HeyDay’s goal is to offer support to your business by finding inspiration for the design, the service or your business, based on how your customers would actually use your product or service.



I know you recognize that feeling of driving with the breaks on. In your life, with your project or your business. Having to push through resistance, fear, self-sabotage and fighting those bears on the road. While pushing through often seems the best solution, often this is just the thing that keeps us from moving forward.

Right now we are challenged in an extreme manner. You are asked to use your creative mindset in the smallest things, but especially the big challenges in life. Connecting to your creativity in times like these can mean the difference between getting burned out or thriving.

By (re)connecting you to your pristine source of creativity, you’ll get a clear view of your mission, your story, and your path. You will dare to stand for your talents and proudly embrace your true purpose through which you live your life as an inspiring, passionate and impactful human. This can also apply to your project or business. HeyDay offers different Creativity and Innovation Mentoring programs.



Creativity is not only for the ‘creatives’. Every human has their own unique creative source and I love to unlock that in all that desire to connect to theirs!

Over the past 15 years, I have supported creatives within diverse disciplines (contemporary art, architecture, product design, graphic design, illustration, urban art, urban sports, photography, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, musicians, etc.).

As a former gallery owner and curator in contemporary art and design, I have stimulated creativity in many successful artists, designers, business owners, etc. I have created space for creatives and stretched mindsets of establishments and municipalities.

I use my background to elevate people their creative potential by clearing their limiting believes and clarifying their purpose so they can create a creative business, project, and most of all a creative and inspired life.

I have a focus on bringing energy, innovation, and empowerment to creativity in places where that might be blocked. My most recent experience with coaching Design Thinking and Storytelling at IDEOU has given me the tools to shake up my life, rewrite my story, and consider new possibilities.


Let’s find those innovative solutions together! I would love to hear how I can be of support in your process. Send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


You can book a free discovery call with me on my calendar. If you can’t find a time that suits you within my regular working hours, you can contact me through the contact form and we’ll find something that works for us.