Oxymoron / Pretty Ugly

When I met Axel Peemoeller (GE) and Paul Fuog (AUS) were sitting side-by-side. This image soon appeared to be fairly rare. For the first time since they met during their study in Melbourne, they are eating, sleeping and working side-by-side on the same continent. Axel decided to team up with Paul in Melbourne. He left his studio in Hamburg and will return in 3 months bringing Paul with him. These global designers have both worked for diverse clients on a big part of the globe: every big city in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong Indonesia, and America. Currently, they are working on the identity for the Victorian College of Arts and Music in Melbourne. Working with clients through the Internet is great, but designing side-by-side works way better.


Their out-of-the-box thinking, shared vision, love for design and the life around it made them decide to get together. The need to find a different approach to their design and create work that has an experimental feel made them step away from certain clients for now. They find it important to take back the power and have the client come to them because they are looking for smart and different design solutions with a certain trickiness about it and create something unseen. They like to call themselves visual explorer rather than a classical designer or art director.


Decoding is what they do in general. Every design they make has some level of the system behind it. Every solution has a process of extracting. You could say they even decode themselves by turning away from commercial work and play around like they are in kindergarten again. Experimenting, folding paper together or making models out of pencils. For the poster project during the Graphic Design Festival, they took their experiment to another level. They brought in another D. They went from 2D to 3D and with this came the 3rd D-signer, Karsten Schmidt (EN), a software developer, computational designer, and an artist who will be taking care of the 3D visualization of the concept.

You could say they even decode themselves by turning away from commercial work and play around like they are in kindergarten again.

The poster will be printed in 3D. This technology makes it possible to print 3D models out of layers of a fine powder. It is the first time they will be using this technique. They used this opportunity to search for the perfect 3D type piece. By using the oxymoron pretty ugly they show these are not always simply a pair of words side-by-side. The words come out of the wall with an architectural/typographic. It provokes the viewer to decipher and decode the message.


This poster must be the most international of the 51 posters, being made by 3 designers from 3 different countries and being shipped halfway across the globe.


By Roos Giethoorn for Publication Graphic Design Festival Breda 2010 (now Graphic Matters)